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Archiving images

The world is full of materials we could use if we had the time to pool all those resources together! The core staff of Gaudiya Kutir is keeping busy managinging the core essentials of the ongoing projects, and therefore we're calling for your help.

The aim
We are looking at building a reference library of images that are either in the public domain or otherwise free to use. Currently, our main concern is in collecting materials that may be used in the context of our online encyclopedia project.

The kinds of materials needed
Any images that look potentially useful in some context are welcome space is rarely a problem. If images are scanned, high-resolution is obviously preferred; for online use, sizes suitable for on-screen display will do fine, too.

Images may be collected from both printed media and online resources, as long as (1) they are in public domain, (2) they are royalty free, (3) permission is otherwise gained, or (4) it's a fair use scenario. Collecting a reference-list of copyrighted materials is also good, as long as you keep track of who owns the copyrights for what; if you can find contact information, that's even better we'll know whom to contact for a permission, should we need to publish the image.

You are, of course, welcome to also share your own photo archives!

The options for working
You can work either as a free collecter, who pulls together and categorizes resources together as they are found, or take up searching tasks to locate the images we're in need of just now or both. Naturally, as a contributor you are free to take advantage of the images in our collective library.

If you feel you can help in this regard, please contact us.

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