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Ongoing Projects

Our projects are divided in two: the managed projects, projects we have initiated and that are directly managed by our staff, and the independent projects, undertakings we have chosen to support.

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I - Bhasa.Net :: Read more

II - Book Publications :: Read more

III - Gaudiya.Com :: Read more

IV - Gaudiya Times Portal :: Read more

V - Gaudiya Kutir Wiki :: Read more

VI - Lake of Flowers Productions :: Read more

VII - Padavali Database :: Read more

VIII - Panjika Project :: Read more

IX - Project Index :: Read more

X - Sadhana Diary :: Read more

XI - Vilasa Kunja :: Read more

I - Bhasa.Net

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Bhasa is a forum for studies of Indic languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Oriya and Sanskrit in a Vaisnava context. Bhasa is a free resource and a discussion arena for everyone with an interest in becoming familiar with or refining their knowledge of Indic languages.

II - Book Publications

Book Publications
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Gaudiya Kutir works towards publishing carefully edited and well designed English editions of important theological works. Currently, the bulk of our publications is done in cooperation with Sri Krishna Chaitanya Shastra Mandir.

III - Gaudiya.Com

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An overview of Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy, theology, literature and history. Collection of essays, glossary, links and other helpful resources. Online since 2002 with a steady 100-150 daily visitors, recently brought under Gaudiya Kutir management.

IV - Gaudiya Times Portal

Gaudiya Times Portal
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When launched, Gaudiya Times will be a portal providing both original and syndicated content, keeping the public informed of important events in the Gaudiya world and providing inspirational and insightful editorials.

V - Gaudiya Kutir Wiki

Gaudiya Kutir Wiki
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Gaudiya Kutir Wiki (gkWiki) is an online Gaudiya Vaisnava encyclopedia. The project is built as a community endeavor, block by block, and is steadily growing into a deep treasure-mine of information on all facets of Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

VI - Lake of Flowers Productions

Lake of Flowers Productions
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Lake of Flowers Productions was founded to collect and make available educational and inspirational media related to Sri Chaitanya's tradition. Currently hosting over 90 GB of free video and audio downloads, more productions underway.

VII - Padavali Database

Padavali Database
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The Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition is immensely rich in its poetic heritage. The bulk of this treasure is hidden away in old Bengali books, yet to be discovered by the Western audience. (Service to be launched momentarily.)

VIII - Panjika Project

Panjika Project
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Raghunath Das Goswami's Vrata-nirnaya-panjika is the Vaishnava calendar of choice, widely popular in Vraja. Unfortunately, it is only localized for Vrindavan. The Panjika project will offer localized calendars with traditional celebrations. (A work in progress.)

IX - Project Index

Project Index
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There's much more in works than the projects featured on this page. Please browse the full project index of Madhavananda, the lead Gaudiya Kutir developer, and read about ongoing work in the fifty something open projects and learn of possibilities for participation.

X - Sadhana Diary

Sadhana Diary
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Sadhana Diary is a community portal aimed at guiding the public forward on the path of sadhana. The site will have a base section of informational and inspirational tips and tricks, a section for articles by other sadhakas, and a member portal where members of the public can register, keep their diaries and interact with others. (A work in progress.)

XI - Vilasa Kunja

Vilasa Kunja
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Sacred and peaceful corners for conversation are few and far in between on the Internet, the Wild West of communications. Vilasa Kunja is one such oasis, a community-centered arena of religious discussions, also hosting a questions & answers column on Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
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