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Minna Loponen
(Malatilata Dasi)

Gaudiya Kutir Assistant

What does Malatilata do here?

What's her story?

1995-2000 in ISKCON.
2000-2002 in GM
2002- I met Srila Ananta dasa Babaji, received Harinama from him, and later diksa also.

I am married to Madhavananda das and we have very sweet Nitai Gaura Deities and Giridhari to worship at our home.

Malatilata's interests

Service of Sri Radha, meditation of Vraja-lila, singing and reading about Radha and Krishna. But I also find myself interested in Tai chi, Qi gong, Wushu, Chinese medicine, ayurveda, aroma therapy and many more things.<br><br>I should also be interented in learning Bengali, sometimes I am but then again sometimes I find it way too difficult.

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