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Robert Fish
(Rasaraja Das)

Gaudiya Kutir Secretary

What does Rasaraja do here?

What's his story?

I came into contact with Gaudiya Vaisnavism through ISKCON when I was 15. I joined the Philadelphia Ashram at 17 and lived in various temples through the years. I traveled around the world with a preaching project, 108, until 1996. I also managed ACBSP�s first temple at 26 Second Avenue in NYC for 4 years with my wife.

Over the years I have developed a desire to mature and advance my sadhana through the reading of our more foundational texts as well as seek the association of those who will further nurture and encourage this desire. This is what has brought me to Gaudiya

As a service to the Vaisnavas I am currently assisting in various Vaisnava publication projects.

I am 32 years of age and live in California with my wife, Prema Bhakti Marga dasi, and two sons, Rasaparayana (6) and Caitanya (2). By profession I am a District Operations Manager for Fed Ex Kinko�s, which is the world's largest Retail Print Manufacturer. I oversee 14 different Retail locations, several on-site print facilities and a Commercial Print Center.

Rasaraja's interests

Gaudiya Vaisnavism and music.

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