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Gaudiya Kutir Assistant

What does Vamsidas do here?

What's his story?

I first served within ISKCON in 1979, later affiliating with Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math. I disaffiliated after the departure of Swami B.R. Sridhara. I am currently seeking to understand the various traditional parivaras, in hope of finding a diksha-guru in whom I can repose my faith.

Education: B.A., History, University of California, Los Angeles.

I have never married. Friends sometimes accuse me of being a "workoholic" in lieu of family life -- I aspire for the day when they may instead consider me a "bhajanaholic" :)

Vamsidas's interests

Raganuga bhakti
Comparative religion
Expressing Gaudiya Vaishnavism in terms relevant to the modern Westerner, without compromising the tradition.

I have been a computer technology hobbyist since the mid-1970s, when I penciled my first FORTRAN program on IBM cards. I am more or less a UNIX geek by background and temperament, also a fan of MacOS X. I have been involved with Web design since the days of NCSA Mosaic 1.0. I am today deeply embarrassed by my earliest efforts. :)

I retain a deep interest in medieval English literature, probably quite irrelevant to any activity on this site, but perhaps worth mentioning if only as a non-sequitur.

I have worked in publishing, and as a journalist. Dilbert fans may recognize me, on a bad day, as the PHB. On a better day, I straddle the boundary between the worlds of technology and publishing, and try to bring the two together.

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